Blue Dorm Room Decor Ideas

When the time comes, and you need to leave your comfy room and move to a dorm, an expectation-vs.-reality the situation may appear. It may take much time, some effort, and little money to transform a gloomy room into a comfortable place you want to come back. Are you passionate about the sea? Do you enjoy the bright color of the sky? Then, blue should be dominant in your room. Find out the most interesting and easy ways to make your room an inspirational spot.

Have a Theme

Once you are away from home, family, and friends, your dorm room is the only place you can feel comfortable during the first days at college. Therefore, your initial task is to make it as comfortable and encouraging as possible. Think of the perfect room you have always dreamt about and make it real. Opt for the color palette that will make your room homey. Add little items to contribute to the general theme of the place.

Get the Maximum of the Space

Forget about your king size bed, spacious wardrobe, and a special place for studying and accept the new reality. Small spaces create huge challenges for students, as it is inevitable to include the most necessary things into a limited space. Choose multifunctional furniture to save precious meters. Use old containers not only to store things but to decorate your room. A user-friendly, cozy, and comfortable dorm room is your final goal.

Add Mirrors to Visually Increase Your Room

What is the best way to decorate your dorm room? Search the Internet or head to the local store to find the extraordinary mirrors to contribute to the overall theme of the room and make it look more spacious. If you are fond of the sea and the whole place resembles the stern, a cute mirror in the form of a ship steering wheel may be the top choice. Be creative to complement the existing items in your room.

Purchase a Blue Rug

While the dorm floors are usually gross, you can think about a nice carpet that will cover the floor and add to the atmosphere of your dorm room. Choose a nice color that will be visually pleasing and practical.

Install More Lamps

Warm lighting is your way to make your room even more comfortable and nice. This magic trick will add to your cool decorations, make them even more noticeable. Use the improvised materials to craft your own lamp.

Have a Spot for Work

Your dorm room is your fortress, so it should be comfortable for your rest, studying, and other routine activities. How often do you get disappointed and keep asking people, “Will you do my homework for me?” just because you cannot get concentrated in your dorm room? It is time to change the situation and turn your space into a perfect combination of a lounge zone, office, and study room.

Personalize the Room

What is your favorite color? Do you have a hobby? What music band do you like? Who is an example for you to follow? The dorm room is an excellent place to express yourself. Removable wallpapers, nice items, and DIV decorations may become the best way to add to the atmosphere.